How to Save Money: my definitive guide to "cut" in an intelligent way

Parties following only 2 or 3 tips

Reading this article you will find yourself in front of several tips you can put into practice.

The secret lies in choosing 2 or 3 from which to start, no more. Then once you get the results, you can go back to this guide and catch other useful info. Few tips will allow you to concentrate on getting "what you need to do" to create your new saving habits.

"Great Christian, but what advice should I leave?". If this is the question that at the moment you wanted to do me, well here's the answer …

Start from those 2 or 3 tips that "nosebleed" you know are the most important for you.There is little to do, each of us "wastes" more in one thing than in another; this everyone knows about it, and it is from there that he has to leave. So read this guide in full, get a complete idea and then highlight what are the 2 or 3 tips you will start to follow with the determination of an athlete.

Having made this important introductory hat, we can start with the real savings tips.

For simplicity, I divided the article into 3 parts:

  • In the first you will read some tips on how to manage your family budget or, in simple terms, the money you have to spend.
  • In the second part you will find then some good ideas on how to save money by reducing waste.
  • Finally, in the third and last part I will give you some easy tips to manage the money you have saved, both on the short term and on the long term.

All the tips you will find are easy to follow and for this you will be easy to get some good results even in a short time.

I recommend, however, do not forget the "number 1 advice", otherwise you risk starting at a thousand and then "turn off" after a few days.

Manage your family budget

In this first part, as I have already mentioned, we will talk about how to manage your income and expenses . Here we go😉

Calculate your available budget

"Eh? What are you talking about Christian ?? "… yes, I know, it may seem complicated but now I'll explain everything" simple simple ".

The available budget is nothing but a single figure that tells you how much you can afford to spend until the end of the month without fear of spending too much money and thus blow up your spending plans.

Let's take a concrete example : if I asked you in this instant "How much is left to spend from here to the end of the month taking into account your fixed expenses?" You, could you answer me? And I do not say an answer like "mah, more or less 800 €" but something more precise like "€ 737".

Knowing this figure and using it every day to make all your spending decisions will give you more control and therefore more peace of mind to make the right choices (avoiding debts).

How to calculate and keep your available budget up to date? I have created a video guide step by step, in which I show you by thread is for sign how to do. You can download it for free, along with other free resources, by clicking on the image below:

Schedule your Fixed Outputs

Knowing in advance what are your fixed outputs, will allow you not to be caught unprepared and therefore to avoid indebted situations.

What do we mean by fixed costs? All those expenses you have committed to pay and of which you already know the amount.

Let 's see the main categories of fixed expenses:

  • expenses for housing (rent or mortgage, bills of various kinds, etc)
  • transport costs (car, stamp, insurance, petrol, etc.)
  • personal expenses (medicines, bank or financial debts, accumulation plans or provision related to forced savings).

Well now the time has come to take action and plan your fixed expenses:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil
  2. Take some time and write down your fixed expenses, divided by month (use the list of categories shown above to refresh your memory).
  3. Complete the list, take this precious sheet and put it in plain sight, maybe in the kitchen.

And now let's move on to figure out how to get with the money in your pocket to pay for these expenses …

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