The costs of a restoration Tips

The costs are variable and depend mainly on the state in which your home is located. In general we can say that the price can go from € 550 to € 2000 per square meter. To find out the exact cost for your restoration project, consult the experts on the subject. Receive up to 5 free estimates and no obligations from construction companies in your area. Just fill out the form with your postal code and in just 24 hours you will receive offers to compare from the comfort of home. Choose the most convenient one and start work immediately! You will save up to 40% on the final cost of your project.

Restoration and conservative restoration

The building interventions that are part of this category are those of conservation of the building. Each intervention is aimed at ensuring its functionality: this is achieved through works that respect the original structure and its purposes. In this way, the building will be livable and safe. In particular, they are included in this category of works:

  • consolidation of walls and foundations;
  • the restoration of structural elements;
  • the renewal of some parts of the building;
  • the insertion of implants.

How to proceed with the restoration of a house?

Having a flat to be renovated requires special attention. It becomes even more challenging to proceed to the conservative and structural restoration of an ancient building. With the right organization and a serious and experienced construction company, everything will be easier. 
The restoration of a dwelling mainly starts with an assessment of the structure, of the heating and plumbing systems and of the roof. These are the most expensive jobs and will last longer. You have two options: make the most urgent ones right away and send the others back later. However, it is always better to carry out the restoration within a few months as the structure is placed with less physical stress. In addition, you can save on scaffolding because they will be used for different interventions.

The mortar: an important element in the restoration

A material widely used in the restoration is the mortar. It is important to distinguish the compositions this material can have for making the most convenient choice. In the classical building the cement mortar has established itself: its characteristic is a great mechanical resistance due to its adhesive capabilities. However, there is also a type of mortar with a composition of water and sand that is used as a binder and applied on the walls to restore the missing parts. In restoration and green building, this material is preferred because it respects nature without detracting from quality.

Contact a professional for restoration

Entrusting your restoration project to an experienced person is always necessary, as well as being mandatory by law. The presence of a designer and a director of the works, functions that can be assumed by the same person, also have great utility. Having professionals of this type has obviously a greater cost but ensures you a smooth and smooth work. Experience and preparation are an important element that must be present in the figure you are addressing: to choose the right one, he then consults his previous works.

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