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The paratroopers are a voluntary mobile infantry brigade under the command of the Idf's Esh regiment. On January of 1954  the 101st unit and 890th battalion (which served directly under IDF central command) were merged to form Israel's first airborne brigade lead by Ariel Sharon. The Paratroopers are the only voluntary infantry brigade in the IDF.
The brigade's recruits are handpicked after a testing period designed to evaluate both physical and mental stamina. This process is essential as a means of preserving the brigade's most valued asset: It's soldiers.
Being a paratrooper goes far beyond completing the brigade's training regiment. First and foremost is a commitment to being a pioneer in all fields, growing up in an environment that educates and nurtures towards the highest morals, a strong love of country and being part of an elite group.
The special attention and care given to the brigade's recruits are what gives the brigade it's greatest distinction and serve as the foundation which makes the paratroopers a leading faction in Israel's military.
When one joins the paratroopers he takes it upon himself to uphold the brigade's vast heritage, a heritage which began with the airborne settlers- jewish volunteers from Palestine that dropped into nazi occupied europe in 1943 to assist their tormented brethren. Upon declaration of the state of Israel the paratroopers took part in the military campaigns waged by the IDF. These include defending against the first reprisal acts, the drop at the Mitle', the famous battle at Givat hatahmoshet, the liberation of the wailing wall and through to the recent fighting in Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza.
From his first day of basic training the brigade's soldier is taught to responsibly initiate and show ingenuity and keenness while utilizing advanced weaponry regardless of difficult terrain or weather conditions.
The brigade's trademark are it's soldiers red beret and boots in addition to their uniform which is unique to the brigade alone. The brigade's current commander is Colonel Herzi Levi.

The brigade's former commanders have become key figures in Israeli society and include: Ariel Sharon, Mota Gur, Rafael Eitan, Moshe Yaelon, Shaul Mofaz and many others.
The brigade's signature call "Acharai!" exemplifies the spirit of the brigade and calls upon those that call it to serve as a personal example of setting a high standard based on hard work and dexterity, earning the right to lead. "Acharai" summons the top of Israel's youth, soldiers and commanders to lead with an infinite commitment.

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